Dental Implants – Non-Removable Partial Dentures

A complete dental prosthesis (fixed bridge) replaces all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. The number of implants varies depending upon which type of prosthesis (removable or fixed) is recommended.

Dental Implants - Non-Removable Partial DenturesA. Patient comes to us with dentures or missing/hopeless teeth and wants dental implants – non-removable partial dentures. Treatment planning is performed, molds are made, and if additional bone or gum tissue is needed, those procedures are planned for.
Dental Implants - Non-Removable Partial Dentures - Final bridgeB. Several implants will be necessary to support a fixed denture. During the healing process, temporary tooth replacements can be fabricated and used. Usually, this process is coordinated with your dentist and periodontist.
Dental Implants - Non-Removable Partial DenturesC. After healing, the final bridge or denture is securely attached on top of the implants. With a full jaw replacement like this, it normally takes 2-3 visits to have the bridge completely attached, which is now non-removable by the patient.
Dental Implants - Non-Removable Partial Dentures - Treatment planningD. Your new teeth or dentures will fit better than your old dentures and allow you to talk and eat with more confidence.