Ridge Expansion Procedure – Dental Implants

What is the Need for the Ridge Expansion Procedure?

ridge expansion procedure
The ridge bone supports the area around your teeth. When a tooth is removed, the empty space left from the tooth begins to collapse. The ridge deteriorates and narrows down to a point too small to allow for dental implants to be used. The height of the ridge can also recede. In order to ensure the use of implants, the ridge bone must be treated by an oral surgeon.

Making A Wider Ridge For Dental Implants

The Ridge Expansion procedure enlarges the ridge by dividing the inner and outer sections of the bone and filling it in with bone-graft. The bone graft material matures over a period of a few months before it is ready for implantology. The end result is a thickened ridge that will support a dental implant to be inserted to replace the lost tooth.

Our oral surgeons are highly experienced and are experts in the treatment of bone deterioration. When consulting with us, we will address your questions and concerns regarding your options and make recommendations for an effective procedure.