Orthodontic Procedures – Fiberotomy

Fibers around the teeth hold it in position.

Gingival fibers are connective tissue that keeps the teeth in place. When braces are removed, the fibers will tend to pull the teeth back into their former positions in a process called a relapse. Fiberotomy is a procedure to detach or sever the fibers that attach and connect to the bone. This may be performed when near the completion of orthodontic therapy and is effective preventing the relapse of teeth.

Fiberotomy Procedure

With the consultation of your orthodontist, this procedure may be the final phase of a comprehensive regimen to retain your oral health. When the gums to be treated are anesthetized, the orthodontist detaches the fibers connecting the tooth and bone. No sutures are required during this technique. Mild pain medication might be needed following the procedure, but generally there is very little to no discomfort is expected.