Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery – Crown and Tooth Lengthening Procedures


Before the fabrication of a crown or the setting of a filling, this procedure may be suggested to adjust the levels of the gum tissue and bone around the tooth. A new gum-to-tooth ratio is formed. Allowing a general dentist to reach the edge of the restoration and ensuring a proper fit to the tooth. It will provide enough tooth structure so the new restoration will not come loose. When you are brushing and flossing daily to prevent decay and gum disease, you will also be cleaning the restoration.


By appearance only, your teeth may appear to be too short. Some people have more gums covering their teeth than others. Underneath the gums the teeth could actually be average in length. To alter this appearance, we can perform the periodontal plastic surgery procedure called cosmetic crown lengthening or tooth lengthening. To do away with the excessive “gummy smile”, crown lengthening creates a new symmetry of the front teeth; developing the preferred proportions the width and height of the teeth. Cosmetic crown lengthening can be done along with other restorative dentistry procedures or by itself as a way to improve the esthetic smile.