Orthodontic Procedures in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake, Virginia

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Occasionally, Orthodontic treatment is an essential part of Periodontal Procedures.

Sometimes orthodontic procedures are necessary to be employed in concurrence with periodontic procedures. Together the entire dental team including your general dentist, periodontist and orthodontist will determine the types of procedures and the sequence in which they are to transpire. Generally, gingival augmentation is given priority over orthodontic treatment, while other some procedures are performed during or after orthodontic therapy.
Orthodontic Procedures – Anchorage Devices

This treatment gives the orthodontist the ability to use small temporary dental implants or plates as anchorage for re-align some teeth without putting unwanted force on other teeth. This allows non-surgical options for challenging orthodontic cases.
The uses of anchorage devices
  • Can eliminate the need for jaw surgery
  • Close open gaps between teeth
  • Eliminate the need for head gear
  • Permit for specific tooth movement
Orthodontic Procedures – Exposure of Unerupted Teeth

An unerupted tooth or impacted tooth is a tooth that has developed but not emerged into the mouth like the other teeth. This occasionally happens with wisdom teeth. This procedure is performed to uncover the tooth. During the procedure, the gum on top of the unerupted tooth will be lifted to expose the hidden tooth underneath. Often braces will be placed on the unerupted teeth to create a space for the un-erupted tooth to move. Brackets can then be used to guide the newly exposed tooth into place.
Orthodontic Procedures – Fiberotomy

Fibers around the teeth hold it in position.

Gingival fibers are connective tissue that keeps the teeth in place. When braces are removed, the fibers will tend to pull the teeth back into their former positions in a process called a relapse. Fiberotomy is a procedure to detach or sever the fibers that attach and connect to the bone. This may be performed when near the completion of orthodontic therapy and is effective preventing the relapse of teeth.

Fibers around the teeth hold it in position.

With the consultation of your orthodontist, this procedure may be the final phase of a comprehensive regimen to retain your oral health. When the gums to be treated are anesthetized, the orthodontist detaches the fibers connecting the tooth and bone. No sutures are required during this technique. Mild pain medication might be needed following the procedure, but generally there is very little to no discomfort is expected.
Orthodontic Procedures – Frenectomy

What is a Frenectomy?

This procedure involves the removal of tissues whose most common location is between the upper and lower front teeth, however, they can also occur in other areas. When found between the upper front teeth, they can prevent the two front teeth from coming together or cause orthodontic relapse with a resulting space. If located too close to the gum line of the lower front teeth, they can cause gum recession.